There are 3 main purposes that your Gutters serve:

1. Gutters protect your landscaping from damage
2. Gutters protect entryways and allow entry/exit without getting wet
3. Gutters prevent flooding around the home and protect the foundation


What size gutters and downspouts do I need?

– 6-inch gutters are usually sufficient for pitched roof with asphalt shingles
– Most barrel tile and flat roofs will require 6-inch wide gutters
– Some tile roofs may require a larger 7-inch gutter depending on pitch of roof, height of tiles, and the length extend past the edge of the roof. Your estimator will advise you of the proper size gutter your roof will require.
– Downspout size varies depending on the amount of water coming off the roof


Do you charge by the foot?

Yes. Gutter prices are based on a price per linear foot. The price per foot is determined by the type of gutter, roof type, height of roof, and the difficulty of the installation. Your estimator will measure your roof and provide a detailed diagram of the proposed installation.


Do you give a free estimate?

Yes, estimates are provided free of charge, with no obligation.


Do you give estimates over the phone?

It is difficult to quote an installation sight unseen. A rough estimate can be given verbally, but for an exact price an estimator must either do an on-site estimate or have access to architects blueprints.


What is a seamless gutter?

A seamless or extruded gutter is formed by running a coil of flat metal through a gutter-forming machine. Each gutter is cut to the exact length needed, on-site at the time of installation.

Seamed gutters have a joint or lap-seam, usually every ten feet. These seams expand and contract and are potential for leaks.


Can gutters be screened?

Screens on top of the gutters are utilized to prevent leaves and debris from entering and clogging the gutters. While they will keep debris out of the gutters themselves, the homeowner must still clean off any leaves or debris that pile up on top of the screening.


Are different colors available?

Yes, aluminum gutters are available from the factory in several different colors. Your estimator will bring a color chart and samples upon request.

Gutters in copper and galvanized steel have a natural or bare (bright) metal finish. These will oxidize and darken over a period of time.

Aluminum gutters may be painted over with a standard exterior house paint. The manufacturer recommends priming with X.I.M. bonding agent.


Can the gutters be cleaned?

Keeping the interior of the gutter free of debris, leaves, etc., will prolong the life of the gutter and prevent leaking.

The exterior of the gutter can be cleaned with non- abrasive household cleaners to remove grime, water stains, bug droppings and tree sap.

Manufacturer recommends:

– 113 cup of tide (or similar detergent)
– 213 cup Soilax (available at K-Mart, Wal-mart, Target, etc.)
– 1 quart liquid bleach
– 3 quarts water

Caution greater concentrations may damage finish. Avoid contact with skin or the eyes. Wear gloves and eye protection. The solution can be sprayed or sponged on with a soft bristle brush. Allow to sit for 15 minutes, then brush again and rinse with hose. Caulking compounds and roof tar may be removed by using reasonable quantities of degreasing solution or mineral spirits rinse with hose.


What kind of warranty/guarantee do we offer?

– 20 years on gutter material
– 20 years on enamel finish
– 2 years warranty on labor


How are gutters attached to the roof?

There are 4 general ways gutters are attached:
– Spikes and ferrules (most common way of installing)
– Internal hanger screwed into facia
– External hanger screwed into facia
– Timberlock screws and ferrules into facia


I have a stucco facia. Can gutters be installed?

There are several different types of stucco facia. Your estimator can advise you if it is possible to install gutter on your home.


My roof is being replaced and it already has gutters. Can the gutters be taken down and reinstalled once the new roof is on?

Removing the gutters will void any original warranty. Unless it is a small straight piece it is usually difficult to remove the gutter without damaging it or destroying the integrity of the seams.


Do we install custom gutters?

Yes, several types of custom style gutters are available. Example: box gutter, half-round (semi-circular), etc.

An estimator will gladly discuss the different types available


What is a header box (drainage head, scupper head, catch-box)?

A header box is designed to catch the water coming from a scupper (roof drain) or a soffet drain. A downspout runs from the header box to the ground. 12-inch wide and 15-inch wide headers are standard; other custom sizes are available upon request.


Do I need a permit?

Permit requirements vary depending on county and city. Your estimator will advise you of any permits required for your install. Permit prices if any will be added to your estimate.


When should gutters be installed on a home?

– After any roof work is completed (to avoid damage to gutters)
– After any painting or pressure cleaning
– Before any extensive landscaping (to prevent damage to new landscaping)


Can downspouts drain underground?

Yes. Generally we do not install underground drainage systems. Any digging or installation of PVC sewer pipes can usually be done by your sprinkler or landscaping service. We can tie our downspouts into standard 4-inch sewer pipe.


What is Supergutter?

Supergutter or structural gutter is a specialized load-bearing gutter built into a screen enclosure or screened porch. A screen company must install it.

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