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Chimney Caps

Protect your chimney and your family with a custom chimney cap from your chimney company. The single chimney flue cap features a base that’s built heavier and stronger than many competitive chimney caps. The mesh is bent inward to form a mounting ledge providing optimum draft.

  • Custom made to fit your chimney exactly
  • Prevents birds and squirrels
  • Protects masonry from moisture
  • Stops leaf litter
  • Prevents rain intrusion in your fireplace
  • Reduces down drafts
  • Rain drip lip construction
  • Black backed on enamel galvanized steel
  • Spark Arrestor
Custom Cap

Custom Chimney Cap

Flue Cap

Chimney Flue Cap

Chimney Damper & Components

Energy Top
Throat Damper
chimney pan

Chimney Pans

Rain Pans

We ensure the proper installation of chimney pans, so that water is prevented from entering into the chimney. We want to make sure the seal is absolutely water tight.


Wind Shrouds

Shrouds are designed to finish off, or highlight the appearance of a chimney with a pre-fab fireplace. They also help prevent down drafts. All pre-fab fireplaces have a rain pan, but not all have a shroud. Shrouds are a great way to dress up your home and give it more curb appeal.

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