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See What Our Customers Have To Say

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to complement two of your employees who installed my gas logs last week. Take encountered a big problem doing the installation and they kept me informed about what needed to be done. What started out as what looked like a straightforward job took them almost 3 hours. They have a great work ethic and were very courteous. These employees are Andy & his helper Allen.


Hi Louis.

JH Kinard did a fantastic job on the new roof we now have. I was so amazed at the professional nature of my interaction with Louis he was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my silly questions. Once we picked out our shingle from several samples the work began.

I was shocked when the roof was completed in 2 1/2 days. It is so beautiful and we are so excited. The crew always used safety harnesses. They were polite, friendly and kind to our family. Not one scrap was left around the house. The cleanup job was superb. I could find no evidence that our roof was just completed. JH Kinard is the best and we have more work for them.


Dear All.

Laura and I want to thank you for helping us through the reconstruction of our chimney. This has been a tough passage in our lives and we appreciate your professionalism and can do attitude. Y’all made it happen and the end results are absolutely beautiful. My wife says you’re a gentleman too and I agree.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the prompt and quality work. We’ll be sure and recommend to our friends and neighbors.

J. Mills

I wish to compliment you on the fine job you did on my fireplace on Lavista Rd. in Decatur. As you may recall, this fireplace was not built right when it was built back in the mid-1950s and so consequently it had never worked properly and could not be enjoyed. Your crew removed the original firebox and damper and rebuilt my fireplace. With the recent arrival of cold-weather enough to justify building a fire, I have tried it out. It works great! The wood burns evenly and readily. Even when there is a smoke produced by the wood, none of it seeps out into the room – it’s all goes up the chimney like it is supposed to. There is no smoke smell at all, even with all windows closed tightly. Thank you and your crew for doing a good job. I shall not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs fireplace and/ or chimney work done.



You were absolutely right on when you’ve suggested the stone fireplace. I love it! Of course I like all the others but the stone is my favorite. Thanks to you and the Kinard team for the help and all your patience!



I wanted to say how impressed I was with your crew that worked on my house. All were hard workers. I specifically wanted to mention Ricky because he was here by himself on much of the job and he was conscientious. It was obvious he wanted to do the job right and I appreciated his meticulous work.


Dear Louis,
You were absolutely right on when you’ve suggested the stone fireplace. I love it! Of course I like all the others but the stone is my favorite. Thanks to you and the Kinard team for the help and all your patience!


Hello Janice,

It was a pleasure working with Louis on my homes brick repairs. His professionalism, as well as that of his crew, and his knowledge and experience instilled confidence in me that the job would be done right. Louis’ team quickly tore down an old wood frame from around my house’s front palladium window quickly assessed the possible brick replacement options, and then helped me determine the best solution.

They completed on time. The quality of their work was great. The project cost was very reasonable, I thought. And I am completely satisfied with the results. I am now looking at several other home improvement projects that Louis will be able to help me with.


Dear crew,
Thank you so much for the fantastic work have done over the last few days. We love our new fireplaces – so far can’t wait to see the finished job. We agree that the firebox should be painted black. We will get in touch with Claudette when we decide on our surround and know how long the special order will take to come in.


Dear Louis,

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us rebuilding our fireplace. You promised a great job at a fair price and really delivered. All members of your staff were very polite, skilled and kept us apprised of their actions throughout the project. I appreciated how well they cleaned up each day and the care they took while inside our house. JT promised that he wouldn’t finish the work until we were completely we satisfied and was true to his word.


Dear Mr. Grech,

I just wanted to write this letter to thank you for the beautiful job you and Mr. Danny Berry did on building the deck off the back of my house. I was impressed not only by the quality of the work(superb!) but also by the speed in which you were able to build the wraparound deck and replace my bedroom window with a door and install security screen doors and burglar bars (3 days).

You can be assured that I will continue to consult with you first whenever I need any repairs or renovations and I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again on a job well done.


Dear Louis,

All I can say about the chimney you and Jeff built is I’m satisfied. It’s really looks good. You certainly give the impression from the beginning that you knew the subject well. I don’t know if I could have gotten a lower estimate from somebody else, but that doesn’t really matter. You started it at a reasonable time, with no long delays and no weird problems. It didn’t take you long to do the job; it’s rare that I have something done like that without a hitch. And you cleaned up thoroughly when you finished. I think I’d recommend you to others. And if you can fix a couple of rotted eaves for me, I’d like you to take a look at them when you can. There on the west side of the house, at each corner.


Dear Mr. Grech,

I would like to take the means of thanking you for the excellent job you did on our fireplace. The fireplace now works like it should, and it had not done since the house was built. I’m glad I did not take the advice of the number of other people and I engaged to tell me what the problem was.

Also your people were very considerate of the carpet and furnishings in the house and are to be commended. The professionalism of yourself and your employees is rare and appreciated. Should you wish to use my name as a reference please feel free to do so.


Dear Louis,

I’m writing to let you know what I think of the repair work you did on my fireplace. Based on the little bit of research I did regarding price of materials, the amount of time it took and the amount of labor, I feel like the cost of having the fireplace repaired was high. However, I know that I am paying for your expertise as well, which is worth something. I decided to use you anyway because from day one my gut feeling about you was that you would do the job right and that you would schedule the work as soon as you could and you would be in and out of my house as fast as possible. I also felt like when you told me you would work neatly in my home and that your workmen were good people that this was true.

You also returned my calls and you came when you said you would. I know that all this is worth something as well. In terms of the fireplace, I am extremely pleased. Aesthetically, the fireplace is beautiful, you matched the rustic look superbly, and these slanted sides further enhance the design. It puts out a lots of heat into the room and appears to draw properly and I am pleased with that. I look at the fireplace every day and I am delighted.


Dear Andy,

What’s a fortunate happenstance to notice your truck in the Publix parking lot last week! Milt and I are very pleased with the duct cleaning work and of the professional way Dave and John handled this large job. After looking at some of the ducts in areas of the house where our pets are normally allowed, I am surprised that we are not coughing constantly. Thank you for coming over so quickly to give us an estimate and then scheduling the job in just a few days.


Thank you for such a great job and great service! You should be really proud of yourselves. I will recommend you to friends.

Kathy & Geroge

Dear J.H. Kinard,

We are very pleased with your company and have already been sharing our recommendations about you to others. Your communication was excellent, the crew did a fantastic job on time and on budget, and the price was very reasonable for the quality of work performed.

The crew was polite, as neat as possible, and left the job site looking as if they have never been here. That’s the sign of fine work. Thank you for the terrific customer service and the great job on our fireplace replacement. We are passing your work info onto neighbors and friends and wish everyone at JH Kinard the very best-you are a great company to work with.


Mr. Grech,

I would like to thank you for taking care of our roof issues this year after many attempts from the previous roofing company. We have had several good rains since you finished the job and we are still dry. We did get some of our money back from the other roofing company so all is good good. George and I also want to let you know how much we appreciate working with Andy. He is a great project manager and represents your company well. Andy always stayed on top of everything and kept us informed along the way. What we appreciated the most was his availability to us. We could always reach him if we have questions or concerns and when we did leave a message he promptly returned our calls. You don’t have any idea how important that is to a customer today. Andy also coordinated everything with our insurance agent so we did not have to get stressed over that. He took care of us and we greatly appreciated it. We are happy customers and will be glad to recommend your services.


One day I was walking up the stairs to a room over my garage and noticed what appeared to be a water stain on the unfinished ceiling. My first reaction was why over such a large area with water stains. I thought about it and went back to check it again. Oh yes we have had some heavy hail a few weeks before but it never occurred to me that it could be damage to the roof. I called my homeowners insurance company to ask if my policy covered hail damage. I was told that I needed a contractor to inspect the roof with one of the insurance companies independent adjusters. I called JH Kinard, since I use them back in 2005 because of their integrity, expertise, professionalism and honesty. Andy was appointed to work the details of the repair and assisted in dealing with the insurance company. I could not ask for a more qualified and professional person. If it was not for his expertise and professional knowledge I would still be arguing with insurance company for a fair and equitable settlement. I did receive a reasonable settlement from the insurance company and work began both on the roof and chimney. I must admit the chimney now looks better than the day the chimney did when it was first installed. I highly recommend JH Kinard to all my family and friends. Professionals – job well done!


I would like to thank you for the phone call this morning. By taking your suggestion and buying a replacement key at Home Depot, I was able to get the gas turned on correctly. When I or anyone else I know needs a fireplace service in the future, you’ll be the one called. It is good to know there are great honest professionals out there. Thanks again


I called Monday and spoke with Pat in your office. I wanted to let you folks know that the service performed for me (dryer vent cleaning) was handled very well. I was quite pleased with the quality of work, the neatness and professional attitude of the two gentlemen who performed the service. I will definitely be using you guys again in the future.


Dear Louis,

I am a writing to let you know how pleased I am with the work performed by you and your entire staff. As you know I needed extensive work on my chimney, roof and gutters. The work was performed in a professional, efficient and customer friendly manner. Most of all, the entire job was completed at a high-quality level. My experience with your company, starting with you, Claudette, and your entire team have made me a customer for life and please feel free to use me as a reference.


Mr. Kinard.

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! Providing the supplies made dad’s ramp become a reality, and he uses it daily. It has made his recovery so much easier. I continue to be impressed with his moose family, What a great Group! Thanks again


Dear Lois,

Thank you for following through to get the job done in my time of need. If the roof had chosen to leak in January or February, I would have patiently waited it out, but with the Christmas parties and chores, I got a little paranoid. You are everyone’s dream of an entrepreneur – honest, trustworthy, hard-working and persevering. You do whatever you promise, Louis, that is an admirable gift that is seldom seen in the business world today! God bless you for it-it is rare!


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