All houses need gutters and to avoid problems, such as foundation erosion, mold or mildew  and roof rot,  you need to make sure they are installed properly. Every time it rains, a large amount of water collects and if not properly directed away from the house, it can cause some or even all of these issues.


JH Kinard  has  a team of experienced technicians that will install your gutters on-site to ensure proper fit and maximum efficiency.


Seamless Gutters are the most commonly used gutters in the US. We can also install traditional gutters upon request. They come in 10 foot sections that are bracketed together by our team of skilled technicians.

The reasons why seamless gutters are popular amongst homeowners are:

  • Elimination of unsightly seams
  • Reduction of leaks
  • No need to be painted
  • Formed on location
  • Large variety of colors
  • Heavy gauge materials
  • One day install


  1. Foundation problems are practically nonexistent
  2. No staining of masonry or siding
  3. Landscaping does not get damaged
  4. No Seams, Leaks and Less Maintenance

We offer the best industry standard gutter guards in every category and price range.  We help with the  decision process which guard is right for your house and your budget.


A technician from JH Kinard works you to identify your needs when we come to inspect the damaged gutters.

Gutters are made from four main types of materials. Without the help of a professional technician from JH Kinard, the wrong type of gutter can cause unnecessary problems. We will help you to select the gutter material that will best meet your needs and look most attractive on your home.


The materials are easily fitted to your home. When aluminum gutters, for example, are being installed, our team will have special  equipment to make and cut the gutters on location. Aluminum gutters are favored by most people due to the reduced cost and ease of installation.

If a client asks for something specific like vinyl, steel, copper or zinc, JH Kinard will happily accommodate their request. These materials used for gutters are mostly for specialty needs or for a distinct look. Some drawbacks with some of these materials is that they are much more vulnerable to climate conditions. Contact us for a consultation, so that we can help determine what is right for you and your house.


You will save a lot of money in the long run by keeping your gutter system maintained. JH Kinard recommends you having your gutters cleaned twice a
year  in order to help  divert the rain water away from your house.