Vinyl siding are certified and verified to meet quality standards and performance characteristics. Below is a list of reasons why vinyl siding is preferred:
▪    Changes in weather: vinyl siding will withstand the hottest summers and sub-zero winters
▪    Color doesn’t fade: no need to caulk, stain or paint
▪    Doesn’t  rot or decay: vinyl siding doesn’t absorb water
▪    Energy efficient: continuous insulation prevents heat loss
▪    Durability: Why is vinyl siding is durable and  reliable


There is a vast selection of profiles, shapes, textures, and colors:

▪    Horizontal and vertical profiles
▪    Shakes, scallops, fish scales
▪    Varying textures, from smooth to deep wood grain
▪    Beaded, clapboard, and Dutchlap designs
▪    Hundreds of colors to choose from

Vinyl siding protects your home from the elements; withstanding winds of 110 mph or more, effects of cold and moisture. They retain  their look, which is also why manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the home owners.

Vinyl siding demands the least amount of your time and money to maintain. They only require simple, periodic cleaning with mild soap and water from a garden hose. The impact on the environment is at most very minimal.